In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, I find myself incredibly lucky. The Brooklyn area I live in had no flooding, no power outages (even TWC stayed up) and trees are still standing, somehow, with leaves still intact.  

Obviously, so many people in the 5 boro’s, Long Island and NY state were not so lucky and find themselves without power. Flooded. Burned down. So many have lost everything.  

My hometown of Spring Lake, NJ weathered through (150 year old Victorian houses were built to last), but half of the town is under water, the beachfront is destroyed, massive trees uprooted and all are without power.  Other towns along the coastline are not so lucky. Not only has massive flooding occurred, many homes and businesses were destroyed. In some cases, completely wiped out with nothing but a foundation standing.  

In some cases, many of the communities hardest hit were just recovering from the impact of Irene last year, which to those of us in NYC seemed like nothing but a windy day.  

We are still waiting to hear about the impact of Sandy as she made her way north and west, following the same destructive path as Irene, impacting the very communities that still have not fully recovered from last year’s storm.  The destruction is not yet over. 

There are many ways to help, of course, the easiest being monetary donations via RedCross and other organizations. But if you have the ability to be more hands on, below are links listing different organizations that need volunteer help.  If you can spare the time, please do, but remember, stay out of the way of the professional crews who need to drain the city and get power up and running. The situation is still dangerous and they need to be able to do their jobs to get the city up and running. 

Please feel free to add other sources.