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Tuesday Top Five - Information Graphics


Of all of our inventions for mass communication, pictures still speak the most universally understood language. 
Walt Disney 

It’s all about info graphics this week.  So what IS an information graphic? Simple - information graphics take lots of data -  usually ungodly boring data - and distills it into simple, clear (ideally) graphical representations. When done well, the result is tremendous.

  1. First up  - résumés.  I’m a little obsessed with this topic, but it’s worth a recap. There’s re.vu, vizualize.me, and a great app by brazencareerist.  On the lighter side, about.me and flavors.me are more like digital business cards, but still have lots of “pretty” potential.  
  2. Daytum, from Nicholas Feltron (read about him - he’s important) and fellow interactive designer Ryan Case (also important) let’s you create information graphics about the most mundane events in your life. Let the world know how many Americanos you drink per day or how naptime goes (as if anyone cares). Side note - Facebook recently acquired Daytum (more privacy concerns). Feltron is behind the Facebook timeline design and Feltron and Case have recently announced they will be joining the Facebook team.
  3. If you want something a little silly, check out GraphJam.
  4. Good has an amazing information graphics section on their site called Transparency
  5. Visual.ly curates information graphics and is building a tool that, hopefully, will allow those of us with little design experience to create our own pretty pictures. 

Tuesday Top Five

1. We lost one of the greatest innovators of our generation. Jonathan Mak from the School of Design at Polytechnic University of Hong Kong gave us something words could not.  

2. Jon Stewart explains how the Daily Show is made (no, they don’t use child labor). (via Open Culture)

3. The Muppets take on Sesame Street corporate greed.

4. You can do some really cool stuff with the new FB Timeline layout and your cover photo.

5. Apartment Therapy turns melted crayons into something pretty.   Sometimes melting Crayolas is just as much fun as coloring with them.